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February 2, 2013 No Comments

Picture 1The British Curry Awards is launching an App, which will be limited just to those restaurants that have won awards, and those who have been shortlisted, in 2012 and the past. This new App, which will be free, will allow diners to choose to eat at a particular restaurant with full confidence that quality will be high, as it has been through the BCA judging process and been rated highly.

The app should have a clear benefit for restaurants by including contact details and locations, leading users to go and try that restaurant when they are nearby. It will be possible to book tables using the app, so even if a website is down, users can effectively book online through their phones or tablets.

Jeffrey Ali, Creative Director of the British Curry Awards, says, “I strongly suggest the British Curry Awards shortlisted, finalists & winners restaurants to put the word out about this app so it can reach as many diners in the UK as possible. Our office always receives queries from media, ministers, MPs, celebrities amongst others, requesting the list of our recommended restaurants. Therefore I think it could be a valuable tool to secure more valuable customers.”

He adds, “When people are thinking, ‘where shall I go to eat’ they can download the app and see right away what high quality curry restaurants are in the area and how to contact them. Bookings or queries will go directly to the restaurant registered email address and telephone number. Therefore I recommend all the shortlisted, finalists and winners restaurants to add the App logo on their website with the downloadable link which we will provide.”

More information can be found on the Awards’ website The App will be available to be downloaded from the site or from the App Store.

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