Boris attacks immigration policies

May 20, 2014 No Comments

89London Mayor, Boris Johnson, has argued that the government should allow many illegal immigrants living in the UK to become British citizens, ‘regularising’ those migrants who have been in the country without permission for more than ten years. Writing in Total Politics magazine, Boris claimed: “The alternative is to continue in a situation in which half a million people or maybe 750,000 people in Britain, most of them in London, not registered, with no papers, contributing to the London economy, making money, but not paying tax. Not paying for the NHS, not paying for social services, not paying for all the benefits that they are in many ways consuming. I think that is in the end crazy.”

He attacked the government’s handling of the “heartbreaking” case of Mauritian student Yashka Bageerathi who was deported from the UK just two months before she was due to take her A-Level exams. In addition Boris criticised the government’s attempts to limit immigration from outside of the EU.

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