Curry restaurants closing at record rate, survey finds

April 27, 2016 No Comments

Around 2000 curry houses have closed since 2010 according to a survey in The Sun on Sunday. Experts have warned that Indian restaurants are closing at an alarming rate in Britain as the industry faces the biggest crisis in its history.


The decline, which started in 2000, is blamed on high operating costs and the pressure to keep prices low. Aggressive marketing and competition from chains such as Pizza Express and Nando’s were also cited as being amongst the reasons for the falling numbers. According to The Sun on Sunday, even popular Brick Lane’s restaurants are closing down, with 30 of its 50 Indian curry houses shutting up in the past five years.


The depressing trend coincides with the crisis of the British pubs, with 7000 of them closing from 2005. Experts quoted in the newspaper say the recession, the smoking ban, alcohol duty and a stay at home culture are responsible for the decline. However those in the curry industry point the figure of blame firmly at the government and its immigration crackdown which has caused a chef crisis as the main reason.

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