Doctor eats world’s hottest curry

February 2, 2013 No Comments

imageloresA consultant radiologist, Dr. Ian Rothwell, has successfully eaten what is claimed to be the world’s hottest curry, rated at 6 million on the Scoville scale, at the Bindi restaurant in Grantham, Lincolnshire. It took him about an hour to complete the task and at one point he is reported to have had to take a break as he started suffering hallucinations.

The so-called Widower curry is filled with 20 Naga Infinity chillis – the second hottest on the planet – and is reputedly so dangerous to make it has to be prepared by chefs wearing goggles and a face mask. The recipe also requires a small tea spoon of pure naga extracts, five scotch bonnets, eight finger chillies and three tea spoons of extra hot chilli powder.

Dr Rothwell, who became the first person out of over 300 men and women who have tried the dish to successfully finish eating it, had to sign a disclaimer acknowledging his awareness of the risks involved. Muhammed Karim, managing director and executive chef at Bindi, described Mr Rothwell as ‘a true legend’ for finishing off the curry, which he describes as being ‘a real killer.’

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