Hardeep is your love for curry?

June 25, 2015 No Comments

TV star and comedian Hardeep Kohli is the driving force behind a new restaurant in Edinburgh. The former celebrity MasterChef has been busy launching V Deep in the Scottish city’s Leith area and the distinctive venture marries his love of curry and passion for craft beers.

VDeep offers drinkers and diners a menu of 10 craft keg beers, 3 craft cask beers, over 20 bottled craft beers and 21 Indian dishes. The unusual menu features recipes such as ‘Bangras & Mash’, ‘Cauliflower Cheese Curry’ and ‘Pork Cheek Vindaloo’; all inspired by Hardeep’s childhood, craft beer culture and classic British cuisine.

Hardeep recalls the ‘light bulb moment’ that led him to create what is claimed to be Scotland’s first craft beer and curry bar. He says, “My whole life I’ve heard people saying ‘I’m going out for a beer, then for a curry’ but nobody has ever put them in the same room. I was always nervous at the prospect of trying to reinvent Indian food while remaining authentic. Then I began to question ‘what is authentic?’ Food has developed and changed for centuries. VDeep is the next dynamic change in Indian food.”

Communal craft beer and curry pairing will be at the core of the VDeep experience, with craft beers from around 30 different breweries used to complement and contrast the flavours of the curries on offer. Vindabrew – a limited edition guest beer – has been specially created for the launch of VDeep. The 5.5% cardamom-infused IPA is the first in a series of small batch craft beers designed to pair with curry and created by the team behind the restaurant.

Hardeep hopes the communal dining aspect will encourage visitors to engage in conversation and even share one another’s curry and beer choices. He adds, “When you go to the pub, you always end up having a chat to the people next to you; that’s the pub experience. At the heart of Punjabi dining is a shared experience too.

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