Heston works his magic with curry

May 20, 2014 No Comments

A new six-part series of Heston’s Great British Foods started on May 8th this year. Being shown on Channel 4, one of the episodes concentrates just on curry. In that episode, Heston does his own take on chicken tikka masala, with whole poussins injected with tikka marinade and stuffed with tikka masala, which is accompanied by his own lager, ‘beeryani’, infused with rice and pandan leaves.

Heston discovers that British curry house classics such as masala, as well as bhuna, vindaloo, phal and onion bhaji, were all invented in Britain; makes a lamb biryani with a Bombay mix crust, and a giant poppadum measuring nearly 1m in diameter. And, as a final nod to the British curry house experience, Heston also makes a giant After Eight-inspired dessert. All of this is dished-up in a pop-up curry house on the outskirts of Bradford, one of the country’s ‘curry capitals.’

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