Kochhar opens up in Mumbai

April 27, 2016 No Comments

Top chef AtulKochhar has launched a new restaurant in Mumbai which, a little ironically, will not serve authentic Indian food. “I’ve cooked Indian food outside India for 23 years now,” he says. “I didn’t want to go back to India and cook Indian food.”


The restaurant, which opened its doors his January, is called NRI, which is a play on words. It usually means Non Resident Indian, but in this case means Not Really Indian, Atul has joked.


NRI aims to celebrate the life and food of the Indian diaspora who took their own culture and cuisine and induced it with local flavours from around the world. So the restaurant will focus on dishes that reflect what happens to Indian food outside of India. When people migrate and settle elsewhere, the dishes change because authentic ingredients are difficult – sometimes impossible – to find. “People use the ingredients that are available to them and the dishes change – that’s the story behind the restaurant,” says Kochhar.


AtulKochar is now a global brand with seven restaurants on total. In 2008 he opened his first restaurant in Ireland, and in 2012 set up India Essence, a neighbourhood restaurant in Kent, which was shortly followed by fine-dining restaurant Rang Mahal in Dubai, which recently celebrated its third anniversary. Atul’s international success has continued on the seas, with a unique collaboration with P&O cruises. Most recently, in November 2014, Atul opened Sindhu at Macdonald Compleat Angler in Marlow.


In addition Atul has written many successful cookbooks, the most recent one being Benares – Michelin Starred Cooking in which Atul showcases signature dishes from Benares, his flagship London restaurant, presenting his acclaimed modern Indian cuisine with a contemporary British twist.

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