Kukd.com aims to help restaurants get back control of their online ordering business

June 25, 2015 No Comments

There are growing concerns that the curry industry is facing big challenges as a result of the ever-growing power of the large online service providers. Issues highlighted by restaurants have included late payments, cash flow difficulties, high commission rates, not being able to contact customers directly, giving away massive discounts to compete, losing independence and advertising the online ordering company brand rather than their own.

When the online aggregators first came on to the scene, it seemed like a great idea, but as time has passed the chickens are coming home to roost. Many owners now find that 60-80% of their takeaway orders and table reservations come directly from the online ordering companies. Owners find themselves in a position where the online ordering companies have the power of strength and the upper hand. Also with rumours that the main online ordering companies are planning to raise their commission rates, there is not a lot owners feel that they can do to combat this. Owners believe that the only way they can reach customers is through the online ordering companies or set up their own online ordering facilities. However, they feel that they don’t have the expertise, experience and knowledge to set up their digital and online services with the same effect.

There is thus a growing demand for a fairer system that owners feel happy with being a part of, one that would help recover their independence, and enable them manage their online businesses themselves.

A new service called Kukd.com has been launched and claims it is the solution. The new online business is the result of collaboration between Euro Foods Group and CurriesOnline.co.uk, headed by Shelim Hussain MBE and Shamin Hoque.

Euro Foods Group is a leading international manufacturer and distributor of frozen and fresh foods, serving the Indian restaurant, catering and specialist supermarket sectors for over 25 years while CurriesOnline.co.uk was the first online ordering and reservation service dedicated to the UK Indian restaurant and takeaway market nationally when it was set up in 2009.

Kukd.com claims it is bringing to the industry ‘a solution for the industry created by the industry,’ unlike the main online ordering companies who have not been born or have grown up in the curry industry. To show its commitment to the curry sector, Kukd.com is proud and honoured to announce a new 3-year title sponsorship for the British Curry Awards.

One of the main reasons for sponsoring this awards event is to show the industry that Kukd.com is serious in making a real change and provide a true and better alternative. In addition to this sponsorship, Kukd.com has also secured a 3-year exclusive sponsorship with the Bangladeshi Caterers Association and Curry Life.

To find out more about how they can help visit the website www.kukdpartner.com

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