Le Raj seeks charitable legacy from Olympic spirit

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Le Raj_Reigate (6)Epsom Downs’ Le Raj restaurant launched an Olympic-themed fund-raising initiative for the James Whale Fund for Kidney Cancer at a special lunch held on Wednesday 29th August this year. Dignitaries, business leaders and friends of the restaurant gathered as the Olympic torch arrived in an official BMW Olympic car. It will remain at the restaurant for three weeks allowing diners to share the Olympic experience by having their photo taken holding the torch for a small donation to the James Whale Fund.

Enam Ali says,”Le Raj was fortunate enough to be involved with the Olympics and I wanted to do something to help build on the legacy of the Games. I have supported the James Whale Fund for Kidney Cancer since its launch in 2006 and as my own father suffered from this disease it is a cause that is very close to my heart. I hope that residents will take the chance to have a lasting memento of both the Olympics and of course their trip to Le Raj by supporting this fund-raising venture.”

James Whale, the LBC radio host, who grew up in nearby Ewell, was there to help launch this initiative. He says,”Kidney cancer is curable if it is caught early enough but at the moment it kills more men in the UK than die every year on the roads. Our charity aims to increase awareness of this cancer and support research into its causes, prevention and treatment. Enam Ali and Le Raj have been great supporters of the charity and I must thank them once again for this latest act of generosity on their part.”

The launch event was attended by Cllr. Christine Long, Mayor of Epsom and Ewell; Cllr Roger Newstead, Mayor of Reigate and Banstead; Chris Grayling Justice Secretary;  Paul Clark, Managing Director of Penta Consulting UK;  Shaun Taylor,  Director & Founder of HiFX plc; Daniel Steck of the La Confrérie de la Chaine des Rotisseurs; Mr S B Faruk, former president of the British Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce; Subrina Hossain CEO NTV; Dave Owen, Senior Business Manager & James Howick, Area Director for Barclays; Andreina Nye Marketing Manager,  Steve Purser Local Business Development Manager &  Julia Clutterbuck Customer Relations at BMW Cooper Banstead. Local and national media were in attendance as well, including Channel S, Channel 9, NTV International, Bangla TV, ATN Bangla, Radio Jackie and the Epsom Guardian.

Guests were served a delicious lunch, including some of the dishes that Le Raj prepared for VIPs during the Olympic Games. Le Raj in partnership with Smart Event Hospitality served thousands of meals to guests in the VIP area. One of the most popular dishes served was lamb shandan with pilau rice and celebrities tasting the food cooked by Le Raj team including Head of States.

Chris Grayling MP said,”One wonders where Enam will go next! Having expanded Le Raj, he moved on to the British Curry Awards, which is attended by over 1000 people and now we hear has served thousands people at the Olympic Games. Enam is a true entrepreneur and we need more people like him!”

Enam paid tribute to his staff who worked long hours, during the month of Ramadan when many of them were fasting, in order to be able to deliver Le Raj experience to dignitaries at the Games. “I couldn’t have done this without the support of my chefs and the front of house team who really did go the extra mile during the Games. I am fortunate to have their support. This was very much a team effort but unfortunately we did not come away with the Gold medal. Fish and Chips was still the most popular dish in the VIP area!”

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