Nepalese beer is more than a match for a curry

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Khukuri beerSince it was launched ten years ago in 2003, the Nepalese Khukuri beer has proven itself to be perfectly suited for drinking with curry. It is brewed in the UK, by family-owned J W Lees, one of the country’s oldest independent breweries, thereby ensuring a very high quality product, while using an authentic Nepalese recipe. This ethnic beer has been described as being crispy, light, smooth and golden in colour. According to the company, “Its full bodied malty sweetness with flowery hop finishes and a bitter after taste is a great combination with South Asian food and Oriental food.”

Khukuri beer was developed by the Nepalese restaurant owner, Mahant Shrestha, in recognition of the Nepalese and British peoples’ unique bond of friendship, as epitomised by the Gurkha regiment of the British Army. The Gurkhas’ famous curved sword, which appears on the beer brand’s label alongside Mount Everest and the Nepalese flag, gives the beer its distinctive name.

Essentially Khukuri is a classic premium lager which uses 100% malted barley in the brewing process. Its main ingredients are target hops, lager malt and mains water from the Lake District. The alcohol content is 4.7% and the beer is available in 330ml and 660ml glass bottles in two packing cases – 330ml x 24 and 660ml x 12. There are plans to produce Khukuri beer in cans and kegs in the near future. Despite being a premium lager, Khukuri beer is a very competitive in price and offers value for money, the company claims.


Mahanta launched this beer because he saw a gap in the market for a drink that offered some respite and refreshment to complement the various flavours of oriental food. He believed in the possibility of success for a Nepalese beer in the UK market and established Khukuri Beer (UK) Ltd in 2003. Since then, the brand has been growing fast and has gained credibility and loyalty amongst its many fans. The beer has won a number of prestigious awards, including the Gold Quality Award 2012 by Monde Selection.


As well as being available through distributors in the UK, Khukuri beer is available in Finland, Luxembourg, Portugal and Japan. More places will be added to this list soon.

Khukuri takes its social responsibilities very seriously and supports a number of charities and community activities. It was for example the proud sponsor of London Mela 2012, Edinburgh Mela 2012, Nepali Mela 2012, Miss UK Nepal 2012 , Sahara Team Football Club UK and also of the London Paris Charity Bike Ride 2012.

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