New Kingfisher packaging

April 21, 2015 No Comments

Anyone that has visited India will know how popular Kingfisher Beer truly is in the country. It has 55% market share and is stocked in almost every off-license, bar, restaurant and hotel from Delhi to Doddapundi.

To further enhance the brand’s heritage Kingfisher Beer Europe will be introducing the India packaging design into the UK market for the first time. Consumers will now get the exact same drinking experience whether they’re in Brick Lane or Bombay, the company suggests.

The new packaging design features an authentic embossed bottle giving the brand a more premium feel. It also has a simplified label that draws consumers’ attention to its status as India’s No.1 beer. Finally, the Kingfisher of the brand name is no longer diving but is soaring high into the air. John Price, marketing manager of Kingfisher Beer Europe, said, “We are so excited about our authentic new packaging. For those lucky enough to have visited India we know it will instantly transport you back to that beautiful beach in Goa”.

Kingfisher Beer Europe was set up in 1982. In the UK the brand is available in over 90% of all Indian restaurants, around 1000 pubs and all the major grocery chains. Sales of Kingfisher in the UK were reported to be up 14% year-on-year in 2014.

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