Rick Stein curries favour

October 3, 2013 No Comments

16Celebrity chef Rick Stein has revealed that his favourite dish is Madras Fish Curry, featuring snapper, tomato and tamarind. In an interview with a leading UK daily newspaper he said: “I discovered this dish on the beach in Mamallapuram, on the south-east coast of India. What made the curry so special was how unexpected it was. Unfortunately our researcher hadn’t realised what a famous place this area was, so I was completely unprepared. From this restaurant on the beach, which was really more of a shack, the most beautiful fish was presented to us before being cooked.”

The curry was so good that Rick now serves it in his restaurants in Padstow. He adds,”It convinced me that if you’ve got really good, fresh fish, strong spices will never ruin it. People are often astonished by how fresh it tastes – it’s not made with masses of spices, nor a lot of ingredients, and is very easy to cook at home.” While the original was cooked with snapper Rick says it could also be made with monkfish fillet, gurnard or filleted bass.

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