Security bonds deemed ‘unworkable’

August 6, 2013 No Comments

Story 20Visitors from ‘high risk’ nations are to be asked for deposits of £1,000 or more when entering the UK, to deter over-stayers. Under proposals put forward by Nick Clegg, the Liberal Democat leader, visitors would have to put up the bond which would be forfeited if they failed to leave the country when they promised. The UK Border Agency has yet to draw up a list of which ‘high-risk’ countries to which it would apply, but it is likely to include India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and African nations.

However Keith Vaz, the chairman of the Commons home affairs select committee, has been scathing in his criticism denouncing it as “unworkable, impractical and discriminatory.” He also said that other countries would retaliate asking UK citizens to pay bonds as well.

The Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants has said it would take court action over any list that omitted ‘white Commonwealth’ countries. A spokesman said: “It is extremely discriminatory. We would be definitely looking at the legality of that with a view to challenging it.”

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