TripAdvisor row chef fights his corner

October 3, 2013 No Comments

64When a diner felt aggrieved by the level of service and quality of food at a Berkshire restaurant, he decided to post his feelings, and some words of advice, in an anonymous online complaint on TripAdvisor. However owner Kiren Puri replied, mounting a staunch defence of his staff and accusing the customer of being a habitual complainer. The online row between the pair has now been viewed thousands of times and has resulted in messages of support for Mr Puri who runs the Blade Bone Inn, not far from Reading.

The diner described it as ‘one of the worst evenings out in a while’ and gave the venue, which is close to the family home of the Duchess of Cambridge, one star out of five. But Mr Puri, who trained at the Roux brothers’ Waterside Inn at Bray, also in Berkshire, disagreed with the diner’s assessment of the evening, and submitted a 1000 word reply, rebutting the criticism.

Mr Puri said his motive was to defend his hardworking staff.“Everyone has their right to their opinion, but I did not think it was fair on my staff that evening. This is not a matter of my ego, this was for all the people who work here, day in day out, 16 to 18 hours a day, and it was not fair when it is so distorted,” he has stated.

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